Find out best and selected 20 ideas to make money online

Do you have a computer with internet? Do you want to make it your profession or do you want to make your carrier online? Is it possible to make online money with all that you already have?

Yes! There are so many things on the internet and it could be best way of earning as well. Here I am sharing with you 20 ideas to make money online.


  1. Blogging or article writing: It is one of the most convenient and easy way of working and then you can earn money by promoting other’s products services as well.

  2. Paid writing for others: This is the easy way to earn from your creative potential. It is easy and free of investment work that would monetize your skill. You can write for companies or for online paying websites.

  3. Tutorials: There is huge demand of tutorials in every field. You can choose this if you are efficient in explaining and describing.

  4. Affiliate or reseller: If you are perfect in selling than it could be the best way between the lists of 20 ideas to make money online.

  5. Buy or sell domains: Selling domain name is the best internet investment but it is a work of less effort and more creativity. Choose attractive domains and then sell them in your prices!

  6. Professional freelancing: This is very popular service that is required for almost all industries. There are so many freelancing websites provides freelance help to the companies in their projects.

  7. Advertising: You can simply write articles or blogs for your own articles and many affiliate and advertising plans are available for content monetization. The pay per click advertisements are simple and reliable source of online income and it does not need any investment.

  8. GPT programs: The GPT stands for GPT-Paid-For and this service is being so popular between today’s young generations. Websites pays for filling the online surveys, playing the online games, signing up for Websites and newsletters etc.

  9. Marketing Online: Today, more and more people try to find their desired thing on the internet. The online marketing is next step that begins after search engine optimization. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing is both necessary parts of website

  10. Themes designing: As the websites are increasing in number, the need of creative theme designers is also rising. There are so many companies that are providing themes designing projects for freelance developers. If you are good in coding and web designing then there is no need to find anything else for your online income. This is the best!

  11. Picture selling: Almost everyone likes pretty and professional pictures but if you have photography skills then you can make money from selling your pictures. There would be so many peoples who would find your image collection interesting and many companies and agencies are providing this service for freelance and skilled photographers.

  12. Service or support: If you are good in coding then you can find freelance companies that seeks online code fixing help.

  13. Stock/forex trading: Although it is a business of investment and could be little bit risky, yet it is very profitable.

  14. Virtual Assistant: If you have good hardware of computer knowledge then you can work as a freelance or full time employee for any Virtual Assistance.

  15. Inbound call center: This is most preferred job for companies and individuals of metro city.

  16. YouTube: If you have some knowledge or something to share as a video then YouTube would be the best alternative for monetization.

  17. Building Applications: There are so many companies who are always looking for good application designers.

  18. Researching for others: If you don’t have any above mentioned skill then you can try researching on other’s provided topic.

  19. Transcription: The oral to textual conversion is required in all industries.

  20. Translation: Translation is the way of interaction so this could be the best and easiest way to earn online.