What Makes A Great SEO Article – How To Make Your SEO Articles Pop

By | May 3, 2013

2635694952 452ee2f515 300x199 What Makes A Great SEO Article   How To Make Your SEO Articles PopOne of the unusual ironies of SEO, is that when you work in the field you will often find yourself writing a lot about SEO. Yes, one of the best ways to make money with search optimisation is to write lots of articles on search optimisation. It’s easy to promote because it has a clear and straightforward value – you are teaching people how to make money and how to succeed online.

The only problem is that writing SEO articles isn’t all that easy. It’s not a subject that has that much ‘news’ to report – people are still talking about Panda and Penguin for instance – and it’s also a subject that many people are likely to find quite dry and dull. Then there’s the small matter of SEO articles being so popular. The fact that there are that many different SEO articles out there makes it more than a little tricky to come up with things that are new and interesting and means that you will have to work particularly hard to make your articles stand out and feel unique. These are a lot of challenges but the best writers, webmasters and SEO gurus have been finding their way around them for years. Here we will look at how you can do the same and write great SEO articles.


Give it Emotional Resonance

If you can, then writing an article with an emotional ‘hook’ of some kind will help a great deal to bring in more readers and improve their experience of your articles. This is how you get around the ‘dry’ aspect of SEO – you write something about the people involved in SEO or you write something controversial or shocking that will shake up the SEO landscape. By doing that you can get your readers interested in what you’re writing and also increase their chances of sharing. Be as bombastic and/or as personal as you can be.

Make it Useful

Failing that, the other way to make your SEO articles great is to make them useful. Genuinely useful that is – so don’t just repeat the same generic ‘SEO tips’ that are a dime a dozen but actually aim to tackle an existing problem that people are likely to be struggling with. If nothing else, at least aim to offer a unique solution to a problem that has been tackled before – just make sure that you aren’t

rehashing advice that everyone has seen before.

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Come Up With Unique Ideas


You shouldn’t just be aiming to make the advice unique though but rather the entire concept for the article and way you put it together. If there are no new news stories to cover, then try combining ideas or just thinking a little outside the box. Often combining two unique topics can be a great way to create something new. How is SEO like something else you are interested in for instance? How does it impact on a different industry? Try reading articles on different subjects and then using these as inspiration for your SEO topics.

Mike K, an internet marketing consultant at Wisdek is a frequent blogger. Though writing articles can be a tricky task, he believes that with proper guidance the task can get a bit easier. Not only will it help attract traffic but also might help you to get to the first page of google.

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