How to Make 2013 the Best Year Yet for Your Blog

By | Jan 18, 2013

blog post writting 300x199 How to Make 2013 the Best Year Yet for Your BlogFor many of us 2012 wasn’t a great year for our websites and blogs. Of course this was the year of Penguin, and the new ‘ads above the fold algorithm’ which caught a lot of us out, and it was also another tough year for the economy which of course meant that we had less money to throw at PPC (and our visitors had less money to buy our affiliate products).

But with lessons learned, and the economy finally starting to look up, there is reason to hope that 2013 might be a somewhat better year for our blogs and other projects. And if we make it our new year’s resolution to make that the case, then we have every reason to be optimistic. But how can you make sure that things turn around this year? Here we’ll have a look at some of the things you can do this year to really thrive.

Write Lots of Good Content

Of course this is the one that we all already know, but which all of us could do better. As it’s that time of year when you start making unrealistic promises to yourself though, why not take this opportunity to lay down the law and make some minimum weekly targets for your posts?


Pick Ten Ways You Could Improve Your Site

As you’re making a conscious effort to improve your site, now is the perfect time to start looking for specific areas that could be improved. To do this then sit down and take a long hard look at your site and make an effort to change at least ten things about your site. Even if they’re just small tweaks, they’ll add up and it will make a big difference.

Treat Your Site Like a Business

It’s easy to forget that your blog is also a business, and that you should be treating as such. However a business it is, and all the same business principles apply here as they do for large corporations, so take this chance to learn a bit more about business and to start applying principles like the ‘feedback loop’ to your site and keeping a close eye on how all your changes are affecting those stats. Ask yourself some questions – what’s your USP? How could you improve your monetization? What is the competition doing? And take a step back to look at the business model behind what you’re doing.

Take Yourself Seriously

Many bloggers make the big mistake of thinking of themselves as hobbyist bloggers and presuming that their site can’t stand up to the big ‘professional’ site on the web. Thus they tend to play it down, keep it hidden from their friends, and avoid calling up advertisers or talking about it at all. Of course if you don’t take your site seriously though then you can’t expect other people to either. Realise that your site is a legitimate business and treat it that way to impress others and get people behind you.

Invest Some Money

If you want to make your site more successful then spending some more money on it is often a good strategy. This might mean investing in some designers then for instance, or it might mean investing in some PPC advertising. Either way, if you’re successful then the money you put in should eventually come back to you multiplied.

Get the Rest of Your Life in Order

And finally if you really want to see changes and start making your blog or website a success, then you should also look at ways you can improve yourself and your lifestyle in order to make it more conducive to your success. If you aren’t finding time to write for your blog then it’s probably because you’re too busy or too stressed to take the time out. If you can’t invest in marketing for your site then it’s probably because your spending money elsewhere that could be saved. Improve yourself and your website will follow.

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