How To Find A Cost Effective Mobile Website App Development Strategy

A business that hopes to create an online presence no longer needs to ask whether or not a mobile website is needed. With more and more people accessing the internet through mobile devices, there’s no question that a mobile website is necessary. The question has now changed to whether or not you need to add a mobile application. While this is important for some businesses, it can be a waste of money for others. The following will help you find a cost effective mobile website development strategy.

Start With a Mobile Website

If your business has yet to build a website, experts are suggesting that you begin with the mobile website. Because the number of people who access the web from a mobile device is expected to outgrow those that use a computer, you want to put your main focus on mobile website development. The good news is it’s more affordable to create a mobile website. Mobile websites are scaled down versions of typical websites that focus on the most important aspects the business wants to share with consumers. For example, if you owned a pet shop, your mobile website may list the hours of operation, contact information, sales, and special events.

Consider Whether a Mobile Application Is Worth the Expense

Many businesses are beginning to ask if mobile websites are enough. With the popularity of applications, business owners are often tempted to create an app. The truth is not all businesses need or would benefit from apps. When determining if an app is necessary for your business, ask yourself two questions. First is there something you need to provide customers that isn’t feasible to do through your mobile website? Second, is it necessary to create a presence in today’s app stores? If you can’t provide a strong yes for at least one question, chances are you’d be wasting money. However, if you do answer yes, an app may increase your sales. For example, if your pet store wanted to offer special deals for certain users, you could create an app that alerts users of huge deals and allows them to purchase the item through the app.

Shop for the Best Priced Application Developer

If you do decide to build an app, you’ll need to hire a developer. While you want the best developer, you also want to stick to a budget. By posting a job through a company like Elance or oDesk, you can have developers bid on the job and have them submit samples of their work. Another advantage is you only pay for the work if your demands are met. This means you won’t waste money on a developer that doesn’t follow through. The same is true when creating your mobile website.

Mobile websites are a must, but does your company need an app? This is something you should carefully consider before investing in a developer.

About the Author: Jasper Gainforth is a small business consultant who loves helping new entrepreneurs build an online presence. You can find more information here on building mobile websites and you should consult a pro if you’re not sure about development or marketing.