Heading To The Airport Check Out These Four Guide Apps

Any flight requires a trip to and through the airport, so it makes sense that travelers will want to know about the services, amenities and other elements in the airport. In the past, it was hard to track down all the valuable information that a traveler might need when in an airport – between maps of terminals, restaurant reviews and areas with wireless internet access, this information had to be provided by airport staff and could be a time-consuming process. These days, however, technology has allowed for an array of mobile applications that can provide the same information in no time at all.

Airport Power

arp1 Heading To The Airport Check Out These Four Guide Apps

A relatively new app available for download via the Android Marketplace, the Airport Power application is designed to crowd-source information about every power outlet that can be found at airports around the world. Users will already be able to find power outlet locations at a variety of the most popular airports, which can come in handy for charging devices before a long flight. Any outlets within 10 miles will automatically appear on the map, and users can quickly add an outlet location through the menu button. This application is 100% free and can be a vital ally in the fight against depleted batteries.


Airport Maps, Airline Rules

arp2 Heading To The Airport Check Out These Four Guide Apps

Anyone who has been in an airport before knows that a handy map can make the process of navigation much easier. Enter the Airport Maps, Airlines Rules app; currently available for download via the Android Marketplace, this app provides users with detailed maps for more than 100 different airports and also instructs users on current airline regulations. The Airport Maps, Airline Rules app also includes a variety of perks, such as the ability to mark where your car is parked and an expense tracker. Since it is completely free and filled with basic airport and airline guides, anyone with an Android device should download this app immediately.



arp3 Heading To The Airport Check Out These Four Guide Apps

The GateGuru app provides detailed information on more than 200 different airports throughout the world. Users can access their current itinerary through the application, view wait times at security checkpoints and peruse reviews and menus of the most popular airport restaurants. The airport map section of GateGuru is unrivaled in the amount of clarity and functionality it provides, while the built-in search engine can help users quickly find what they need. One of the biggest airport guide-based apps, you can download GateGuru for free via the iTunes App Store or the Android Marketplace.


Airport Guide

arp4 Heading To The Airport Check Out These Four Guide Apps

This application – often referred to as iFly – has received rave reviews and is quickly becoming popular among professionals who frequently pass through airports. Included in its design are a variety of GPS-based terminal maps, flight tracking tools, airport status and weather updates, parking fees and reviews of key establishments within each airport. With two different versions – free and pro – available, users will be able to access virtually any data they need while on business or travel at the airport. The professional version of Airport Guide / iFly can be purchased via iTunes for $6.99.