6 Handy Apps To Help With Your Office Move

By | Jun 22, 2013

There are many things to think about when you decide to move from one business location to another. Well, you would probably think that the most important consideration will be setting aside enough money for the move. But it is more essential to understand that you need to start planning early enough so that the entire moving process can go on smoothly.

When planning for the cost, you need to remember that different moving companies have different charges for their services. Apart from the cost, you need to figure out how to pack all your equipment to ensure that everything arrives at the destination safely. There are a number of phone apps that can help to simplify the moving process which include:

1. Moving Day App

office1 6 Handy Apps To Help With Your Office Move

This free app comes in very handy when you need to move. It helps to plan details such as the moving dates and the rooms where all the items will be delivered. The app has a unique feature that will allow you to add unique barcodes to the boxes, including pictures and the information about the contents. You can include information like the description and value of the items, and also indicate where all the items will go. The pictures help to create a good record in case of damage during the move.

2. Moving Van

office2 6 Handy Apps To Help With Your Office Move

With this iPhone app, you can get valuable tips and information about packing. The expert advice will help to ensure that you prepare for the move effectively. You can also access a 4-week planner that will help in organization, as well as getting quotes for movers.

3. MyMove App

office3 6 Handy Apps To Help With Your Office Move

With this free app, you can access a detailed moving checklist that will help you to calculate your moving costs. You can determine what needs to be done during the weeks prior to the move and you can add more tasks as necessary. You can add your notes on the move, and also read the moving tips and even review moving services.

4. Moving plan

office5 6 Handy Apps To Help With Your Office Move

To ensure that your packing goes smoothly, you need a checklist. With this Android app, you get a comprehensive checklist that has everything you need for the move. The moving planner will help to ensure that you keep track of all the different functions.

5. Moving List

office6 6 Handy Apps To Help With Your Office Move

This iPhone and iPad app acts as a trusted coordinator to ensure all the different tasks are accomplished. The app provides a list of all the tasks required before moving and they are separated into different categories like Job Relocation, Movers, Packing and many more.

6. Realtor.com

office7 6 Handy Apps To Help With Your Office Move

You might need to find a home in your new business location and this handy app will help you in your search. The free app will give you access to millions of homes for sale in different locations. You can choose your dream home near your new business location even before you get there!

By downloading these apps, you can avoid most of the stress associated with moving. You can make sure that you complete all the tasks on time and you can save money too. All in all, with these apps, you can save your energy and you can keep working effectively until the very last moment!

Today’s featured writer, Thomas Philip, works for an office moving company in Mississauga. When he is not busy offering logistics services to clients, he likes to read books with a cup of hot coffee.

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