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By | Jan 9, 2013

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Google has been consistently rolling out its services as applications for iOS devices, which are eventually turning out to be a huge hit! Its previous entry into the iOS platform with the Google Maps app received a massive response, which even helped boost the adoption rate of the much criticized iOS 6. And now, it continues to spread its wings into the Apple market by rolling out its revamped social networking app -Google+. The app from Google has been tweaked, revamped and has been given all possible fixes to bring out its best uses and let’s find out if it manages to.

Appearance & User Interface:

The first thing that you’ll probably notice is its appearance. An app which was already a stunner in terms of its looks and interfaces has been improvised further to perfection. The interface looks neat and has less text and lots of white space, resembling minimalistic design. Navigation is simple and there are no unnecessary menus, options and icons to deviate you from what you’re viewing. Only a limited number of options, which just do what you want to!

On signing in, the application takes you to your stream, which now has a gray background. In your stream, the post-text area is restricted to just two lines, and a +1 tab to conveniently share the post and add comments, lies at the bottom of the page.

A convenient drop down box now appears at the top of the screen, which allows you to filter your stream content along with the new pencil icon to instantly post content. Also, when sharing, a clean assisting screen pops up offering options such as – write something related to the link, select the members of your circle to whom you feel the content must reach, upload an image from the gallery or from the camera and add information on location.


The Main Screen:

On the main screen of the app, one can find his/her profile picture and a transparent banner-style background image, which is nothing but a zoomed-in version of the user’s profile-pic. Notifications appear at the bottom of the page, apart from the other search options. Some of the major changes made in the search options include the replacement of the Circles tab with the Find Friends column, the inclusion of the option to view just the pictures of your preferred member in your circles. The pictures are neatly arranged in a grid format that further adds to the aesthetic appeal of the app.

The app thankfully includes a Messenger (yeah, it is called Messenger, at last) feature which allows the user to initiate a chat with his circle-members, contacts or even trigger a Hangout. Also, the other major addition to the app is the real time display of GIF images. Overall, G+ is undoubtedly one of the best looking and well designed apps for the iPhone.

Usability and app-experience is Google’s style and has benchmarking operating standards. The app succeeds in subtly doing its job and manages to keep aside, too many distractions. With loads of you’ll-love features and enhancements, Google+ is sure THE app, will find a permanent place on your iPhone’s home screen.


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