Give Your Event A Massive Boost With Social Media In 4 Easy Steps

Social media is the darling of the modern age and it certainly looks like hanging around for some time to come. As well as connecting over a billion people, it has also been used for more commercial reasons and with some considerable success. The advertising and promotional potential of social media platforms is almost limitless, and just imagine reaching a small percentage of that overall user volume! If you are in the events business, or maybe you are staging a one off show, why not think about utilising social media for your promotional vehicle? There are many ways that these platforms can help you to improve your global outreach and this article takes a look at a couple of them right now.

Event Organisation

Most of your upcoming events’s contacts will probably be on social media, use this platform to discuss venue options, theme discussions and the overall logistics of the happening. It will save time and effort if you bypass the email factor altogether. Centralise a discussion place and hold regular meetings to ensure a smooth project. You can also utilise social media to send out invitations and collect the responses. If you use Facebook for this it is extremely easy to create a transparent progress report, the guest also appreciate a little insight regarding who will and who won’t be there on the day. Get your guests involved in the early stages of your event to ensure they maintain a healthy interest in the actual live event. You can also use these platforms to find the best suppliers for your essentials.

Event Promotion

Once you have decided about your line-up, the date and other vital details, you can use social media to create the event as a listing. It can then be made visible to many thousands of potential audiences. You may be surprised to learn that many thousands of tourists use social media events to plan their overseas holidays. Make your event an international highlight by using social media to reach out to the rest of the world! You can ask guests to register with your event page and also share your page with their social media network of friends. This is how massive festivals like Woodstock managed to attract a million attendees. It’s word of mouth but 21st century style!

The Live Experience

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Get hold of a decent camera and recording software and set up a live stream to your social event page. These can reach many thousands of people who couldn’t make the actual event. You can bet your bottom dollar that an awesome stream will ensure a bigger crowd the next time around! Ask your live crowd to ‘check-in’ to event by setting up this popular feature onsite. There are bound to be others asking where exactly is this cool place that their buddies are checking into?

After The Event

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Ensure that your current event has maximum visibility even after the event by uploading videos of the best moments. Ask the crowd to ‘like’ and share the clips and offer free tickets for the next event to the most helpful of your fan base. Throw a load of clips and photos up on Pinterest and see what commotion that causes. Use these platforms to get some invaluable feedback, even the bad stuff is useful to know about!