Top Free IPhone Games For Fun

By | Mar 26, 2013

There are lots of free games for you to play in the iPhone app store. You can select one based on the genre and click the download button to install the respective application on your iPhone.


iMob Online

It is an online multiplayer game and if you want to be a mafia leader then you can try your hands in this game. Also, invite your friends to join your mission and explore the different gaming strategies in it. Upgrade your level by buying different weapons, properties and save millions of money in the bank. Finally, silence your enemies and win the game in a terrific way.

It is an interesting one with different missions and you can play them for months. Since it is an online version, you will have the opportunity to fight with the online rivals.

Topple Lite

It is an attention-grabbing stacking game developed by Ngmoco especially for the iPhone game lovers. In this game, dysfunctional and mischievous shapes are used to form the stack and just touch the shapes to rotate or slide them.  In order to win the level try to balance the tower of the blocks and don’t let them to topple. Some of the exclusive features of this game are:

  • Striking visuals and soothing music will make you to play the game again and again
  • Multi-touch controls help you to play the game with ease
  • Bonus points are awarded for every tactful move. On the top of the screen know about the score and percentage of completion

Space Monkey

Glu Mobile has developed this free version game with multiple levels and exclusive features. It surely impresses the kids. Keep the cosmos clean by grabbing the garbage that is floating. Snatch them as much as you can and accumulate huge points on the scoreboard. There are about 60 levels and five galaxies, so it keeps you occupied for hours.

Some of the other games developed by Glu that you might like are Deer Hunter 3D, Glyder 2, Bonsai Blast, and How to train the dragon.


It is an awe-inspiring word game for people of all ages and the design and innovation makes it more impressive. You have the chance to compare your score with the other players on the network and hi-speed internet helps to play the game without much interruption.

Just click on the tiles to unscramble the words and earn points by guessing the word correctly. You may also get bonus points, if you guess the words in short time. Improve your word power by moving on to higher levels.

Check out for other games that might impress you:

  • Aurora Feint is a match-three puzzler (Citron/Cassley)
  • Cube Runner
  • JellyCar is quite an interesting and allows you to drive through squashy levels
  • Advent (Pi-Soft)
  • iBowl (SGN)
  • GPS Mission (Orbster)
  • iSplume (Flashbang Studios)

There are hundreds of applications on the app store and you can also download some of the finest games for free. The iPhone is the best handy gaming device for one to play and rejoice their time.

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