Four Social Media Management Tools For Your Business

By | Jan 24, 2013

social media integration 200x200 Four Social Media Management Tools For Your BusinessIntegrating social media into your business is a very strategic method of getting creating awareness for your business, and forging interaction with your prospects and clients. The beauty of social media is that you can communicate with an entire mass of individuals in an almost real-time method. And with all the social networking websites available, businesses should have an efficient social media marketing platform which will allow them to publish content simultaneously across multiple social media channels as well as provide scheduling and response monitoring capabilities. Here are some of the better social media management tools which can help you with your social media campaign:

HootSuite. This social media dashboard is able to manage social networking websites as well as measure your progress by using these websites including analyzing the traffic that your social networking account receives. At the same time, this application is also able to schedule posts and tweets, and track how many times your brand or business is mentioned on top of its basic functions. HootSuite is also able to accommodate team collaborations and customized analytics so that you can share your reports to your colleagues and even your clients.

Convert Social. Essentially, Convert Social is a media scheduling tool which allows you to post messages, statuses and tweets on various social media channels. And if you’re also in the habit of responding to your followers or friends’ posts, then you can use Convert Social so that you can read all of your clients’ posts from multiple social media sites and then respond to them in just one place.

Awareness. This hub allows business owners to monitor all of their social media campaigns with the help of its audit control and comment management capabilities. You can use this platform to centralize all of your social media efforts and achieve ROI more efficiently by measuring the success of your social marketing campaign.  This hub can support social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flicker.


Crowd Factory. What this application does is to integrate your social media into every online marketing campaign you have to increase the chances of gaining a customer out of every social media interaction. Crowd Factory allows you to add on a layer of social media on all your online marketing elements including your website, landing pages, online shopping carts and email. At the same time, you can measure your actual ROI from every social activity.

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