3 Forum Plugins For WordPress

By | Nov 28, 2012


forum 3 Forum Plugins For WordPress

Installing a forum on your WordPress website is a great way to keep your visitors engaged with your content. When you install a forum on your website, anyone who visits your site will have the opportunity to start or enter into a discussion about various topics related to your industry. A forum is a wonderful way to ensure your visitors continue to come back to your website while you attempt to build an online community.

If you are using WordPress as your content management system, there are a variety of plugins you can use to easily install a forum on your website. Here is a closer look at three of the better forum plugins you can use on your WordPress website.



bbPress is built by Automatic, the same people who developed WordPress, so you know it will integrate well with your WordPress website. Also, should you run into any technical issues when installing this forum plugin, you can take advantage of Automatic’s great support to help you get it up and running on your website.

Just like a traditional WordPress website, bbPress has several plugins you can install to enhance the functionality of your forum. If you are looking for a certain feature or design, you should be able to achieve your goal when using bbPress.

One drawback of the bbPress plugin is that may be too simplistic. If you are looking for a robust forum to place on your website, bbPress is probably not the right plugin for you. However, if you just need a simple forum where your visitors can interact with each other, then this plugin is probably your best bet.


 The Simple:Press plugin is designed for the more complex forum moderator. If you are looking to host a sizeable forum on your WordPress website, consider using the Simple:Press forum plugin. While this plugin is very easy to integrate with you WordPress website, it will take some getting used to in order to properly set up your forum to have all of the features you would like.

A drawback to using the Simple:Press plugin is that it requires a bit more technical knowledge than a traditional WordPress plugin. For instance, you must manually upload this plugin to your website using an FTP. While this is not overly complicated, it can be a bit overwhelming to the novice webmaster, and something that should be considered when selecting a forum plugin for your website.

However, if you are fairly knowledgeable when it comes to manually installing plugins, the Simple:Press plugin could be just what you are looking for. The additional features you get with this plugin compared to the more basic ones makes it worth the trouble you have to go through by manually installing the plugin on your server.


This plugin is by far the most popular forum plugin for WordPress websites because it is so easy to install and manage. Through the plugin’s admin panel, you have total control over your website’s forum including having the option to turn guest posting on or off with an optional Captcha. One negative about this particular forum plugin is the amount of support you will receive. The plugin has not been updated for several years, which could cause some security concerns. However, if you have other security measures in place on your website, this plugin provides a nice, easy forum solution.

Choosing the right forum plugin for your WordPress website is crucial when trying to keep your visitors engaged on your website. Determining all of the different features you would like your forum to have before starting your research will allow you to easily find the right forum plugin for your website.

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