Factors That Increase Your Google Ranking

By | Mar 26, 2013

Getting a good ranking on Google is not as easy as it used to be because of the changes that Google did to its algorithm to eliminate the low quality sites from getting benefits. It has been said that their last update called the Panda update eliminated almost 90% visibility of a popular article submission directory. These changes left many website owners scrambling to employ factors that increase Google ranking.

increase google ranking Factors That Increase Your Google Ranking

The changes were tough news for small business owners who want to market their products online, but Google’s changes aren’t a big problem for website owners if they keep working hard at delivering good quality content on their blogs or websites that people would like to read and share. Google updates their search engine algorithms at regular intervals to provide their users with the most accurate and relevant results when a user searches the web using their search engine. It is important for Google to do this so that they can cope up with their rivals in the industry.

Try The Users Perspective

In order to increase the rankings of a website or a blog in Google, the owner should develop the website or the blog from the visitor’s point of view. They should first do some basic research on what type of content the user would like to read and how can it be delivered to them. When the website owner creates a website or blog in user’s point of view, the website is likely to contain what a user looks for, so the search engines will consider the website valuable.

Quality Quantity 300x183 Factors That Increase Your Google RankingQualtity Over Quantity

The person should always pay attention to the quality of the content on their website more than paying attention to the number of pages or amount of content they provide in their website. Though the number of indexed pages is important to Google, it is better to have one or two good quality pages rather than having tons and tons of low quality pages.


Crowd Source 300x183 Factors That Increase Your Google RankingCrowd Source Your Blog Posts!

Leave the blogging to the experts. Blogging has still been a good tool to increase a website’s ranking in Google, but the website’s administrator should always screen the blogging section and remove the low quality blog posts so they won’t slip in the rankings at Google. Guest blogging is one of the hottest trends which is used by many website owners to get good rankings in Google. To do this, the website owner should fetch top quality links from reputable websites to help them get legitimate traffic.

Syndicate Through Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool to increase the Google rankings. People can make use of Google + which is a social media website like Facebook and Twitter. Google+ is a product of Google. Advertising is a good way to make money with a website, but one should not overdo it as it will bring them negative results such as lowering their rankings in Google and reduced reputation among the visitors due to too much of ads. Website owners can use a combination of these factors that increase your Google ranking.

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