Essential SEO techniques to optimize your blog on Blogger

By | Aug 14, 2013

Blogger is one of the most popularly used free platforms provided by Google for blogging purposes. Blogging is an effective way to reach out to your audience and connect with them. However, for your readers to connect with you effectively, you need to use certain SEO techniques that will help your blog rank higher in the results page of search engines. Whether you consult with a start up company or a top SEO company in India, they will always recommend you to optimize your blog. Given below is a detailed tutorial guiding you in the process.

 unnamed 1 300x300 Essential SEO techniques to optimize your blog on Blogger  Create your Blog

  1.  Use your existing Google ID to log in to Blogger. If you do not have your own ID yet, you can sign up for one. Google does not charge for hosting a blog on Blogspot.
  2. On logging in to your account, you will be directed to your dashboard. This is the place from where you can control every activity concerning your blog.
  3. Click on the Button that reads New Blog. This will take you to the next step.
  4.  You will be asked to type the name of your blog along with its URL. This is where your first SEO tactic will be applied. Both your title and the URL must have the same keyword that relates most to the business you are involved in.
  5. As you type the URL, Blogger will continue checking for its availability. If, for some reason, the URL you wished for is not available, you can either use another URL that is closely related to the previous one or pick one from the suggestions by Blogger.
  6.  Select a template that appeals most to you.
  7.  Select a template that appeals most to you. You can always change the templates at a later stage without any loss of data.


 Entering Content

  1. Once you have created your blog, you can start posting content.
  2.  Click on the New Post tab.  Use an impressive Title including one keyword. The title of your blog is very important and therefore, you must first optimize that section.
  3.  In the area for the content, copy and paste the content that you have created in Notepad or Microsoft Word and then use the formatting options. In the content area, use keywords to describe everything that the post talks about. However, do not go overboard with these.
  4.  Add attractive images. Use bullet points and try to create links, both internal and external. All the same, these links must be valid. It should lead the reader to a page that actually exists.
  5. To the right side of the page, you will see a plethora of options. These will help you immensely in optimizing your blog post. The first option is that of Labels. Labels, to put it simply, are tags or keywords that will help Google recognize what your content is about. You can add as many or as little labels as you’d like. However, these labels must be relevant to the post that you are writing about.
  6.  Permalink is the permanent URL address of a particular blog post. To optimize your post you must use a permalink that is same as your blog title. This helps visitors to find posts easily on your blog.
  7. Under the location section, add your location. This will help develop local business as Google will recommend related blogs or websites to a visitor who lives around the area that you have specified.

Once you have followed these steps, points out a top SEO company in India, you can publish your post.

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