Essential SEO Checklist for Startups

By | Dec 30, 2012

ID 100124646 300x266 Essential SEO Checklist for StartupsTo start and capture the global market within a short time is every businessman’s dream. Impossible as it may sound there are some very simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools that can be implemented to improve your online visibility. If you use these tools at startup itself, your website is sure to be among the first three invites of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. So how do you launch a new website that is already optimized? Here’s a SEO checklist for startups:

The valuable keywords

A search engine will find, index and list a website depending on the relevance of the keywords. The accurate choice of keywords will improve your online presence and enhance inbound traffic, thus resulting in better sales. So, which is the first place that any search engine will look for a keyword? The title tag of your homepage, of course!

These are the essential ingredients of a perfect title tag:

  • A title that perfectly described the goods and services you offer,
  • The title that is most relevant to the web search,
  • The title tag that is catchy and interesting so that a web searcher is induced to click on the link.

This becomes even more crucial in Flash-based websites. The relevant keywords must appear in the html code separate from the Flash script.


Create an image at startup

Everyone loves branded goods and so do search engines. A value added website will have a more effective startup. The choice of promotional phrases has proven successful. For example, your website deals in reasonably priced holiday packages across the globe. Adding words like “cheap”, “affordable”, “reasonable”, “low cost”, etc. along with the phrase “holiday packages” is a simple branding technique that works wonders.

On the other side of the spectrum, you manufacture and sell exclusive designer handbags and accessories. So your potential buyers will be among the elite who are willing to spend. Your branding phraseology should be “exclusive”, “fit for royalty”, “classy”, “panache”, “unmatched”, etc. So right at startup, brand creation makes search engines and potential customers sit up and take notice.

Creating collateral content

There are four ways in which Link Building acts as a powerful SEO tool by providing collateral content at startup:

  • Blogposts – Blog posts are very interactive SEO tools that give you the opportunity to know you potential buyers and watch your competitors at the same time. Once these posts raise the interest of the viewers, they will be tempted to click on the accompanying link. With just a click a potential buyer is on his way towards your website.
  • Social Media – A YouTube promotional video about your goods and services can have a major impact on online sales. Of course, the title tag of the video must be optimized so that it is located, categorized accurately and displayed in the search results. Once the curiosity is roused, the accompanying link to your website will do the rest. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter too are great public platforms that work as SEO tools.
  • Press Releases – New products, seasonal and festival offers, promotional discounts, events sponsored by your company, etc. should always be highlighted on the Internet through Press Releases. The write ups will lure a potential customer to click on your website’s link that may result in a sale.
  • Forums – Business related discussion forums too have a similar effect of increasing the inbound traffic to your website right at startup.

Checking efficacy

It’s good to know the efficacy of your SEO techniques at startup so that you are always alert about any deficiencies or missing information. If you install Google Analytics right from the beginning, the software will track whether your SEO implementation is sufficient and is working well.


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