Top Essential SEO Addons In 2013

By | Feb 8, 2013

The one most essential thing that makes firefox popular among webmasters is the ability to customize it. Depending on your needs, your preferred theme, add-ons and extensions that you want for fast browsing, you can customize firefox interface and add extensions for convenient use. To most internet marketers and bloggers, firefox is more reliable because it provides many SEO extensions and addons. SEO is key to success for any website/blog and everyone wants to make their SEO better and compare there with that of their competitors.


Now we are going to take look on some of the best SEO Addons that you can install on your Firefox browser.

1. SEO Doctor:

This incredible add-on will let you know the website that may you have visited is how optimized for SEO. It will help you to diagnose SEO problems and it provides fast and easy troubleshooting ideas for your website to improve SEO.

2. SenSEO:

This addon quickly take a deep look on on-page optimization criteria of web-page and it will help you to diagnose and make necessary changes.

3. Foxy SEO Tool:

This add-on tool enables you to access many SEO tools like google, bins or yahoo and web traffic analysis sites like Quantcast and Alexa at one place instantly for any web-page. This tool helps you to check rank of your web-page in various web-directories.

4. SEOpen:

This is simple yet powerful google page rank checker tool. It provides page rank for any particular page in seconds.

5. KGen:

As its name suggest it is keyword generator that helps you to quickly find relevant keywords for web-page you have opened.

6. SEO stats:

This addon tells you about popularity of your website. It shows you number of shares on facebook or other social networks and number of backlinks to your website.

7. Niche Watch Tool:

As name suggest it tells about niche relevant for your website and helps you to beat your competitors. It does so by analyzing backlinks to your website.

8. SeoQuake:

This is a very powerful extension available for many web-browsers. It tells all about SEO of your website like no. of backlinks, google page rank, Alexa popularity, domain authority, page authority, on-page optimization suggestions.

9. SEO Professional:

There is really something different about SEO professional tool, It can store history of page ranks of various website so that you can compare with them in future and count success for your efforts. Moreover it also provides all other basic features of normal SEO tool.

10. SEOHand:

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This addon enables you to keep your eye on position of your website for any particular keyword in google search results. It also let you know number of backlinks fo0r that particular keyword pointing towards your website.

11. SEO Live YS Rank:

This tool is best for live search rank analysis of your website. It is best addon to be installed on firefox browser by SEO expert or internet marketers.

12. KPRMS:

This add-on will assist you to take particular steps that would help you to rank your website/blog in search engines like google, bind and yahoo.
Author bio: This article has been written by Parbhat. He is a freelance web designer and works for website company in Ludhiana . He loves to write about backlinking and SEO tips for his readers. He owns a beautiful technology blog and designs creative web-interfaces.

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