Simple Yet Effective PPC Management Tips

Quick Blurb: Simple Yet Effective PPC Management Tips

ppc management 200x200 Simple Yet Effective PPC Management TipsFor an instant boost in traffic, and with a little budget PPC may be the right move for your digital marketing campaign. Today we will talk about simple, yet effective PPC management tips to help decrease your spend, and increase your ROI. Whether you are a novice PPC manager or an expert in the field for 10 years, these are rock solid tips you’ll need not forget.

Do your diligent research

Make sure you do your due diligence when conducting your keyword research. Keep in mind you will most likely want to go after “intent to purchase” keywords rather that “informative “keywords.  For example: “How To Choose The Right SEO Company” vs. “SEO Company in Dallas”.

Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast

Start small. Begin with a small group of keywords that equate to one single campaign. Also great for researching and obtaining vital data for your SEO efforts.  Make sure you are tracking the data all the way through the conversion process. You may get 100k visitors in 1 day, but if they don’t convert to paying customers then there is no point in your junk traffic.

Create ads that invoke “action”

Create your ads In a way that invites the user to take a specific action when reading your ads and landing pages.  You do this by first creating a great proposition, then inviting them to click through. The lower your CTR the more clicks you will get for your PPC budget.

Your PPC keys to Success:

  • Stay on top of your data
  • Keep track of trends
  • Adapt to changes and behaviors in your market


Here is a list of 5 common overlooked PPC keyword research tools:

1. Google Trends – provides data on search volume over time

2. Google insights For Search – Just like Google Trends above ^^ but on STEROIDS! Will also show us top related search terms.

3. Google contextual Tool – just try it!

4. Ad Intelligence by Microsoft – it is an excel plugin that is a great resource for any arsenal.

5. Social Media Channels – Facebook and LinkedIn are great resources. Log into your account, and start a search and you will see search suggestions you can use.

What are your thoughts on these simple yet effective PPC management tools? Do you have any you’d like to add? Remove? Please feel free to comment below and start a discussion. Don’t worry, we don’t bite! Hard.