Does Your Website Make The Grade?

By | Mar 26, 2013

One of the most important aspects of having an online presence is the way in which your website is designed.  And by that we don’t mean just the way the website looks.  Yes, having a good looking website is nice and certainly doesn’t hurt, but you must also make the most of that piece of cyber property.  After all, this will have a huge bearing as to whether you succeed or fail in your online endeavors.


Regardless of whether you do it yourself or have a professional or web design service do it, you want to make sure your site is going to be working properly.  You need to see how it displays in all the popular browsers.  You’d be surprised; sometimes a site will display nicely in one browser only to look like a bunch of scrambled illegible stuff in another.  Make sure it works properly all across the web.


Second, make sure that all avenues of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are utilized.  There are things such as tags and meta tags and so forth.  Plus the type of wording used throughout the website and its pages will be a determining factor in your ranking with the search engines, or if you even show up in online searches.  Once again, if you find this is not your strong suit, utilize the services of someone who is good at it.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Next up, you need to make sure that your website is pleasing to the eye and also easy to navigate.  Loud obnoxious colors and lettering that is too big or likewise hard to read (wrong fonts) will drive people away, never to return.  Make sure that you have a directory to your site which is easy to locate, preferably in the sidebar.  That way, visitors to your site will be able to find exactly what they are looking for.

Do Your Homework

Study other sites in your industry and check out how the successful ones look.  While you don’t want to carbon copy them to a tee, they will give you a pretty good idea of how you want your website to look.  And lastly, try and learn a little something about programming in regards to web properties.  Even if you wind up having someone else handle the bulk of that aspect, it is still good to know a little yourself.

Putting together a well-designed website is easier than ever these days.  Yet surprisingly, there are still some folks who don’t get it.  Follow the guidelines listed above and you should do just fine.


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