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By | Dec 7, 2012

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IPhone 4S was a great success that Apple had given to the market, and then it continued the story by bringing in iPhone 5. In the same league iPhone 5 is doing really great and one of the biggest reasons is the very noticeable big screen. But its big screen couldn’t be brought to a perfect use if you don’t have the appropriate apps to facilitate your iPhone 5


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Reeder is not at all a very different concept; rather it’s simply a RSS reader app for the iOS platform.  This enables you to read more and more stories that you tap on. Also when you are viewing it on your large screen and that to a single article at a time then you can surely feel the ambience.

Reeder ($2.99)


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Be it any mobile CNN remains to be an essential app for all.  The best thing that I really praise about CNN is that it doesn’t customize its apps for large screen devices rather it’s actually very close to CNN’s tablet app thanks to the new layout and features like pull down navigation drawers, and non-

CNN (free)


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This is an App that can make you play with a great innovation.   It totally depends on your creativity that how much time-length you need to set to hold the slingshot down. And in case if you increase the waiting hours, then your car goes flying into the side of the track. It’s insanely fun, and thanks to the iPhone 5′s new display, you can see more of the track as you play

Slingshot Racing ($0.99)


7767 crop 600x300 asphalt 7 heat header 300x150 Complete your iPhone 5  Best Apps for your iPhone 5

I can assure you that when it comes to the racing games then surely you need a big display to see where your car takes a turn and what comes the next and that’s why ASPHALT 7 is an indeed app for iPhone 5. I can bet that you can’t come up with a far better game for your iPhone, at least in the present list. It is one of the ones that really feel less cramped than before because it uses on screen controls on the sides of the display.

Asphalt 7 ($0.99)

Give a check to these apps and surely then your very new iPhone 5 can stand out of its own league.

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