Common English Errors People Make While Writing Blog Posts

Blogging is the domain of those who have a skill with the pen. When it comes to writing, however, you need to ensure that you do not make the same mistakes again and again. Every writer is going to make mistakes from time to time. Any small business marketing case study will also show that readers are less likely to take blogs seriously if they contain multiple errors. As a result of this, you will want to make sure that all of your blog-posts are error-free. By knowing just what errors can be avoided, you will be able to create blog posts that more people will take seriously.

Headings and Subheadings

When it comes to writing a blog post in any language, you will want to break it down. With English, this is no different. You will need to break your blog post down into sections to ensure that the reader knows what is going on. Studies have shown that very few readers are going to read the entire post. You will therefore need to ensure that you point out the most interesting parts of your post. This will not only ensure that people read them, but you may also generate better views from your readers due to giving them the information that they are looking for.
Always make sure to have a heading for your blog post, and then put in subheadings for the minor parts. This means that the reader can scan down through the article and navigate it appropriately, picking out the information that they find the most valuable.

Choosing the Right Tone

The tone of your blog post needs to reflect the message. If you are writing a formal blog post for a business website, you are more than likely going to have to avoid the use of a casual tone. In some cases, you may even need to take a technical writing approach. Some requesters may suggest avoiding the use of the second person (“you”), although this is a requirement that will vary.

On the flipside, some blog posts work better if they are written in a more informal tone. This is often seen in the likes of businesses in the entertainment industry, or places such as restaurants, tattoo shops and more. It all depends on what the general atmosphere of the business is, and the kind of message you are trying to get across.

British vs. American Spelling

This can be a difficult one, depending on where you are from. If you are writing for a global audience, then this is not so much of an issue. If you are writing for an American business, however, then it is probably best for you to use US spelling. Some people may decide to use British spellings for a global audience, considering that Australia, Ireland, Britain, South Africa, New Zealand and Canada all use British spellings.