The changing landscape of SEO over the last 12 months

Panda and Penguin have continued to be rolled out over the last 12 months with Penguin 2 have been released this year. SEO continues to diminish as a standalone practice and is now better applied part of an overall inbound marketing Strategy. Google continues to clean up the search results and low quality link building can cause more damage to your site meaning that Linkbuilders and Agencies are now focusing on earning links. Inbound marketing has come centre stage and though SEO is still widely perceived as a term that prospective businesses search for when looking for online marketing services, inbound marketing will continue to grow in prominence as the new online marketing model. Already many agencies and SEO institutions are branding themselves with Inbound marketing rather SEO.

Only recently SEO MOZ rebranded themselves as MOZ which was a significant milestone in the continued move to more Holistic Inbound Marketing model. Of course inbound marketing just not just concentrate on rankings but focuses on improving traffic and conversion whilst returning the best ROI for the client.

I think for agencies selling online marketing services, it is much easy to promote the inbound marketing model as SEO has a real stigma attached to it and there is so much information now available on the web that prospective clients are researching and getting to grips with what is happening in the online marketing space. I think agencies now know the importance of spreading the risk by focussing on other traffic sources that includes PPC, Social media and email marketing.  Content marketing continues to drive sustainable online marketing strategies and clients are realising that relevant, niche and quality content is what the search engines are looking to serve up in the searches.

SEO can still be very successful as part of an overall marketing strategy that pushes other channels. User experience, social signals and quality content will become more important in ranking a website well. Having natural quality links is still an important element and this will still be an important part of SEO.

Guest posting has continued to rise in popularity and is really the main link building tactic used by agencies to build quality links. It is of course being battered to death and it is probable that a Google update will at some stage pull guest posting into line. Publishing low quality content on blogs that will accept any content is no difference to old link building tactics so it is important for companies to be aware of this. Authorship is becoming more important and there is no doubt that algorithm will be valuing this very soon if not already. Authorship is a great way for Google to track great authors and evaluate the blogs they publish on and the engagement their content received.

There is no doubt that seo consultancy is an important part of the inbound marketing model and still has a vital role to play in a complete online marketing strategy. On its own it is very narrow and with search engines now taking into account so many other ranking factors, SEO on its own can no longer be as successful as it once was. This is only likely to become more apparent in the coming months.