Factors To Think About When Buying A Very Basic Mobile Phone

By | Feb 25, 2013

It certainly isn’t everyone that requires a phone to show you where to eat, browse the Internet, offer satellite navigation, and helps you to stay in touch with what’s going on in the news. There are people that just want a phone to make phone calls, send text messages, and receive voice mails. Although for many this is baffling, it’s true. These people are looking for certain key factors in a phone, and they definitely donot want what smartphone users crave. The main factors they are looking for are ease of use, battery life, and the phone style.

nokia 3310 basic mobile phone 200x200 Factors To Think About When Buying A Very Basic Mobile PhoneEase of Use

If it’s usability that you are after then there are certain things to be aware of. Buttons should be well-spaced, the volume key should be easily accessible even when making a call, and the operating system should be fast enough to do what you need to do. The best way to find out if the user interface is what you need is to play around with it and ask the vendor.

When having a demo, you should easily understand how to navigate through and complete certain actions such as making a call, taking a call, and finding a contact. Most people who are looking for basic mobile phones use Symbian-based models. Although there are propriety systems, they can seem a little alien to users. Ease of use really is down to the preferences of the person operating the system.By having a go, you will soon know whether it is for you.

Battery Life

If you’re using a phone merely for taking calls, making calls, and picking up voice mail, as well as some text messaging, then you probably don’t want the hassle of having to charge every day. With such basic functionalities, it is possible to have batteries last several days. Taking a look at the phone’s specifications will help you see what size of battery the phone has and also you can find out about average talk time in minutes and standby time in hours. Obviously the way in which you use your phone will dictate how long the battery will last. If it is occasionally used, then you should be able to find a phone that will last several days, perhaps even more than five days.

There are phones in the market nowadays that can have 25 days standby time, but they tend to be at the upper end of the market with big 4000mAh batteries. Certainly you should be looking for a battery of 1500mAh if you’re looking for longer battery life.Below this, you may well find that you have to charge more frequently than you would like. Obviously, the charger options will also make a difference.If you are able to charge your phone in the car, then this may be an easy way to ensure that you never run out of charge. In addition, micro USB phones are the most widely available.And so, if you are stuck out without a charger and you need to borrow someone’s, then this would be the best option to have.


Style Of The Mobile Phone

By style, I’m not talking about the chic, glitsynature; I’m talking about the size and the shape. Phones are built in three main styles: the clamshell, the slider, and the candybar.

The Clamshell

Clamshell, or flip phones, look really good. Many years back, they were very, very popular as a reasonably high-end phone. They are hinged, so you open them up to use them. Sometimes the cheaper flip phones are susceptible to damage and the hinge can get broken fairly easily. Picking a good, cheap clamshell phone is a way to get a nice, exciting experience from a budget phone.

Slider Phones

Sliders are excellent for preventing accidental operation in the pocket. In addition, the snapback at the end of the call provides a measure of satisfaction rarely found on mobile devices.

Candybar Phones

These phones are standard, block-shape phones that are the most common in the market at the moment. They provide sturdy design and simple operation. It is important to have a good lock key on these phones otherwise you’ll end up making calls from your pocket.

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