Buying A New Computer? Avoid Making These Mistakes

By | Feb 9, 2013

Buying a computer does not require to be very good in technology. Few tips are enough to get good PC at home. Below are those suggested quick-check guides to follow before buying a computer and this will help in getting the best machine for the money.


Also widely called as CPU, a processor is the brain of a PC. It handles the entire operations as well as calculations of the system to help software run to perform their respective work. It is layman knowledge that faster CPU results in faster system performance, but this is not exactly the truth. An AMD CPU clocked at 2.5 GHz with 4 cores performs below the standard of Intel Core CPU with the same GHz and cores. This is because both operates at 2.5 billion cycles per second but the Intel technology makes use of each cycle more than the other one. So, always go for Intel processor.


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Similar to CPU, learning about RAM is also important while buying a computer. Even though GB count concept rules here but knowing about the RAM chips is important like 8 GB of it running at 1000 MHz will not be faster than 16 GB RAM running at 1333 MHz. So, looking at the speed is also important here apart from the size.

Hard Drives

It is not true that 2 TB drive will be better than 500 GB hard drive. Never judge on how much data the drive can hold. Look at the speed too like hard drives spinning at 7200 RPM will be faster than the one spinning at 5400 RPM. This directly reciprocates to the accessing of date on it.


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Never only go for the size of a monitor. Need to see screen type, color depth, power usage, and update frequency. Well, these may be a bit confusing for a not-enough-techy folk. It is suggested to read reviews of it to know which monitor has got good lifespan.

The mistakes one makes while buying a new PC is due to lack of knowledge. Well, reading, researching and learning resolves this. However, it is seen people hardly giving ample time and effort in doing so. If such is the case, it is better to outsource the computer-buying decisions to someone near and dear ones. If not, there is only the option of losing out performance and money with the purchase.

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