Six Business Friendly Features of Windows 8

By | Mar 2, 2013

Though there was some reservation about the publicized abilities of Windows 8 before its release, the business community in general welcomed it with open arms. Most small and big businesses have no regret that they bought it.

Windows 8 had its fair share of detractors, but on the whole, it seems to be a winner. It has been generally found to be good for business environment and equally good for home use. If you have a touch screen, Windows 8 can be all that friendlier to use, though it is not an absolute necessity for business application.

Windows 8 Launch   Steve Ballmer Six Business Friendly Features of Windows 8

Here are at least 6 features that make it business friendly.

  • Don’t Have to Upgrade to a New Hardware

Of all reasons the one that you will find most interesting is that you don’t have to buy fresh hardware. If your computers are already running comfortably with Windows 7 or even an earlier version, then Windows 8 will run just as smoothly. If you prefer you can also use touch screen monitors, but that is not necessary.

  • Varieties of Interfaces

The Metro on Windows 8 works great. But if you are still used to working in desktop environment you can still access it. The advantage is, if your employees are not willing to consider learning something new, Windows 8 is still usable for them. Windows 8 boots really fast, and when you shut it down it is equally fast as well. Which means you can shut down any time you want and open it as well in seconds.

The advantage of fast boot and shut down is they help you reset your computer any time. This feature will particularly be a lot of help when you are in the middle of a meeting, and notice something going wrong. All that you have to do is reset and your computer will spring back to life.

  • Hundreds of Apps to Choose from

Of all perhaps the biggest advantage is that Windows 8 has hundreds and thousands of apps already. There are some that even come free. There are apps that cut across several genres – education, finance, industry, medical sciences, office administration, navigation and many others. Lots of apps are developed regularly which can be downloaded. Another reason why Windows 8 is great for business is they can be used on several devices.

  • They are Highly Transportable

Files can be stored in flash drives and other transportable devices. So every time you work on another computer you can simply copy your Windows 8 files and use it on another machine that has a different version of Windows. It saves lots of money and time as well. You will also like the USB system usage by the OS. You will also particularly like the universal sharing feature of Windows 8. Another great feature you will love is the multi-device compatibility.

  • Working with Cloud Made Easy

On Windows 8 working in cloud environment has been made easy. Which means you can simply drag in and out of your cloud to your Windows 8 computer. If your computer has touch screen, you will not even have to use the mouse of the keyboard. These certainly help business users cut down valuable time. The other important feature is that Windows is enabled for app to app interactivity. It will save busy people from going through multiple operations for file transfer.

  • Long Battery Life

Of all perhaps, what most business users like about Windows 8 is their efficient use of energy. It means if you are using a laptop or tablet for most of the time, then you can expect the battery to last longer. So never again you will have to search for a wall socket or keep a charged battery in standby.

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