Boost Your Health And Beauty Business With Social Media

By | Jun 26, 2013

If you are currently working in the health and beauty industry and are lucky enough to have your own business, how is it working out for you so far? Having your own company can be an incredibly exiting experience and often will take over your life completely. But how do you compete with more established businesses in the same field? Their advertising budgets will probably be worth more than your entire setup and nobody could expect you to get anywhere near their promotional objectives. But have you considered using social media as a platform to reach potential customers? Many smaller businesses are doing this right now, and some are getting stunning results! If this idea seems appealing to you, please read the rest of this article for some surprising facts.

Smaller Versus Larger on Social Media

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In this scenario, money usually does the talking and the smaller entity does not have the financial clout to compete. But in social media land there are more variables to consider. A big corporation demands instant results in return for its large investment regarding promotion. A smaller company approaches social media in a more understanding way and shows a lot of patience as well as correct etiquette. It takes some time to build up sufficient trust relationships before you can begin to promote your services or products. Smaller businesses weave these facts into their goals and benchmarks and set the limits according to them. You have the luxury of time and as long as your business is ticking over, then you can apply realistic limits on your desired outcomes.

There Are No Typical Customers on Social Media

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When you think about profiling the standard social media user, you will soon be facing a virtual brick wall. So many millions of individuals use these platforms on a regular basis that it is impossible to pigeonhole them and silly to try. If your health and beauty concern is a small affair you will have a much better chance to interact on a personal level with your intended public, larger companies will not have this option in their arsenal. It is only by understanding your potential customers that you can tailor your products and services to suit their collective needs.  Once you have targeted a specific demographic, it is up to you to ‘read’ their individual requirements for health and beauty products and services. You need to connect on a personal level and let them know that you have their interests next to your heart.

Branding Matters

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A typical larger health and beauty company will spend a lot of money on their advertising campaign. This will take the form of posters, TV commercials and various online efforts. But the real customer would rather see a social media press release of the latest offerings, because they offer an up close and personal perspective that bigger companies just can’t seem to offer. You can use these platforms to offer an insight to your new skincare product and be on hand to answer any queries. Build up a loyal fan base by offering discounts on the first bunch of customers to use the company website link. Think of ways to show your love to the public and you’ll soon be rewarded with loyalty and respect.

Ready To Try?

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Hopefully this article has shown you how you can gain an advantage over larger health and beauty concerns by using social media. The quicker you start using it, the faster you will feel the benefits – Good Luck!


Penny Swann, the author of this post, is a frequent blogger currently working under one of the best facelift surgeons in NYC. She likes to learn more about the latest beauty products and shares her knowledge through her blogs. She enjoys travelling and making new friends.

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