How Can Blogging Supercharge Your Internet Marketing Campaign?

By | Apr 22, 2013

Everybody seems to tell you blogging is the ultimate marketing tool. This is all well and good, but you need to know why you want to blog, in order to effectively build your marketing campaign using this approach. Blogging is a quick and effective way to spread the word about your business, build your brand and establish your authority online.

You can update your blog quickly. You can also customize your blog, further strengthening your brand. If you build your blog intelligently you can create a powerful industry resource prospects turn to for answers and solutions.

Internet marketers sometimes overlook the power you can wield by running a niche-specific, authority blog. Few successful entrepreneurs run a well known, current blog. I see many marketing gurus who last posted years ago. This is all well and good but if you post daily, or at least weekly, and grow a massive network of friends around you, dominating search engines becomes a formality.Blogging Tips How Can Blogging Supercharge Your Internet Marketing Campaign?

By creating targeted content based on niche specific keywords and sharing your posts across appropriate channels you can sprint up Google’s search engine results. Topping search engines like Google’s can drive loads of steady, passive traffic to your website and establish your niche authority.

Blogs provide you with a cheap, easy to update internet marketing tool. You can share your viewpoint, spreading the word about your business through a creative outlet.

How can blogging bolster your marketing campaign?

Build Your Authority

Google any competitive search term for your niche. Scroll down until you read a blog post related to the term. This blog instantly piques your interest. If any individual reaches page 1 of google for a competitive keyword or key phrase you take notice. The blogger must be a pro. At the very least said blogger knows what they are doing because reaching page 1 of google for any term is a tremendous accomplishment.

You can become a niche authority by blogging persistently, creating value for your target audience over the course of weeks, months and years. Churn out helpful content. Solve problems. Be an industry resource by putting out usable, practical content on a persistent basis. Once your blog becomes popular on social sites like Twitter or Facebook you increase the chances of churning out a business-changing, viral blog post. Be persistent, promote your posts and good things happen in the long run.


Quick Way to Update a Website

You can churn out serious amounts of content and upload to your blog quickly. This is not possible on a static webpage, as it takes longer to administer any type of update. You can post reviews, articles, videos, podcasts and webinars to your blog in a matter of seconds. The quick, easy and clean nature of blogging makes the marketing technique popular with busy, on-the-go online entrepreneurs.

Post at least once every 2 or 3 days to boost the amount of web traffic you receive. Posting frequently also helps you place higher in search engines, boosting the amount of passive traffic you receive each day.


Here is where the fun begins. While the non-blogging entrepreneur uses cookie cutter, static websites to spread the word about their venture you can use a fully personalized, customized blog to expand your presence online. Blogging becomes fun when you design your blogs to your liking, creating a powerful, memorable branding tool. Most successful bloggers run unique, clear and enticing blogs which scream individuality.

Stand out in a big way. Customize your blog to increase your online authority and stand out from the entrepreneurial crowd.

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