Blogging For Charity – How To Promote Your Cause

Each year, tens of thousands of charities compete with one another over the kindness and goodwill of humanity. While many people have particular causes in which they are invested, some people simply like to give to worthwhile organizations regardless of their missions. Many charities have relied upon traditional means of marketing and PR in order to raise awareness and funds, but an increasing number have turned to social media and blogging as ways to increase their audiences and expand their potential to do great things. If your charity has recently decided to venture into the online world of blogging but you are unsure where to start, then continue reading to find out how to properly promote your charity’s cause and avoid any major issues along the way.

What Are Your Charity’s Goals?

Before you set foot online, you must know what it is your charity seeks to gain from blogging and online exposure. Are you in pursuit of an expanded donor base so that your organization can reach a larger number of affected people or affect change at a greater level? Are you seeking to drive awareness in general to a cause that has yet to be realized? These are important questions and you will need to have these goals outlined so that your blogging strategy can reflect this approach. If you want to make it easier for donors to contribute and keep track of current events, then a blog (or newsletter) is a great way to keep them informed. Those who wish to expand their charities’ reach can find that emotional blogging with convincing stories will help increase participation. When you know your goals, you can then proceed to move forward with a competent online strategy.

It’s Always About the Charity

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Some bloggers will find themselves wanting to outline aspects of their life or disclose information in order to gain notoriety for their lines of work. There are plenty of places in which this is acceptable – LinkedIn and other social media profiles are a common place – but it does not need to be featured nor touted in your charity’s blog. The blog should exist solely as a mechanism for informing existing volunteers, donors and community members and reaching out to those who may wish to be. Any sense of ego-stroking can be a real turn-off not only for prospective donors and volunteers, but also those who are ready affiliated with your cause. You do not want a blogging opportunity to turn into a PR nightmare – promote the charity alone, and leave the personal gloating for some other time.

Share, Share, Share

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Once you have set up your charity’s blog and have written a few pieces, you will then want to share this in as many places as possible. Hopefully, you already have a website (and your blog is hosted on the same domain), but reaching out to other venues is vital. Social media can be of great use to charities who want to find like-minded people who care about making the world a better place. As you begin to build a social media presence and meet new individuals, your opportunities to share said content will continue to grow – and so will your audience.