Blog Your Way To IT Business Success Easily!

By | Jul 10, 2013

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Promoting your IT business can be a very expensive and sometimes frustrating activity. After all, how can you guarantee that the public will actually see the real company behind the commercial representation and how accurately will your business be portrayed? One way to enhance these factors is to take matters into your own hands. You may not be an advertising genius but there are some incredibly useful and inexpensive ways in which you can bring your business to the masses. Using social media and blogging has become a very lucrative way for businesses to promote their presence. Close to a billion people spend a considerable amount of time every day logging into their favourite social media platforms. And these sites provide an awesome vehicle for smaller businesses to reach out. This article takes a look at how blogging can help you to promote your IT business right now!

Why Blog?

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People love to blog because it offers an inexpensive, or even free, method to share your thoughts and activities with the rest of the world. They are basically an online diary that provide the individuals with a vehicle for reaching out to likeminded people. Business’s use blogs for a slightly different end result. They can be used to promote a company’s entire set of services of products, or they are set up to draw attention from internet search engines. Either way, they provide an excellent opportunity to draw the public’s interest into your commercial concerns.

Website Or Blog Or Both?

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Many businesses do just fine without a blog, and other businesses have a blog but no website. So why have a blog and a website, you may well ask? They really complement each other if you manage to get the balance just right. If you think of the website as being the main online entity of your company and the blog is kind of like the bait for new and existing customers, you will be somewhere along the right lines! If you use a free blog hosting platform, it will cost you nothing except a little time and effort.

Get Blogging

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Let’s assume that you have a pretty nifty website and you just need a little help with increasing the traffic situation, you next need to start your blog. You don’t need to be a wizard with HTML or be a marketing wizard, it’s really simple. Most blog hosting sites will have a selection of templates for your blog, and they usually have something that suits the first time bloggers out there. The name of the game is to have an interesting topic and make your blog accessible and entertaining to the public. Try to make your posts as engaging as possible and add some videos and photos of your commercial interest.

SEO Optimisation

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SEO optimisation is a method that bloggers and webmasters use to ensure their sites get noticed when individuals do an online search. You can add specific keywords that will get picked up by Google and other search engines. Your blog will often be selected before your website, so take advantage of this.

Link Them Up And Relax!

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Once your blog has started to attract a healthy following, you can promote your IT business website slowly. Do not ram this down your followers throats, introduce it kind of casually and the traffic will eventually build up. Just remember to always be courteous to your followers and act as an authority without coming across as a big head!

Today’s feature contributor, James Morrison, is a network engineer at Simplified Telephony Solutions, an interactive voice response service provider based in Toronto. He has a keen interest in marketing and likes to share his expertise through his blog posts.

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