Best Advice: SEO for Social Search

By | Feb 7, 2013

A top Search Engine rank is a great thing to have, but getting it is often an expensive affair. It means employing dozens of content developers and writers, and spending money on creating unique videos and images to give readers a great time. But website owners shouldn’t mind if it converts to business. However, that does not always happen. More often, the results are irrelevant to the person making the query and what you will get is a big crowd, not business.

Another factor you need to keep in mind is that people who make queries rarely go beyond the first couple pages of the result. So it makes little difference to where your web pages are placed, unless it is in the first or the second page of the search engine result page. Another factor that plays spoiler is the unpredictability of the words that search engine users use to find websites.

google 300x199 Best Advice: SEO for Social Search

To be seen on top for every query is like a hard nut to crack. Search engine engineers know all these and more and hence nowadays they are working on making search engines come up with personalized search results to keep their folks intact. Another reason why they may want to give personalized results is the threat from Social Media that holds the potential into becoming search engines themselves in a very different way. That is very much evident from Facebook’s recent Graph Search to its search query box. If things go as of now, the day is not far off when Social Media may turn into actual Search Engines themselves and take head on big time search engines, though for now they may not admit to it.

Webmasters and Search Engine Optimization experts have discovered that a better way to reach out to prospective customers and patrons is to use Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and others. But there is still a hitch that you will have to negotiate – like generic search engines, they too are crowded and hence need some optimization work to be done from your end. The advantage here is you don’t have to be too obsessed with keywords like in generic search engine optimization. On the contrary, you get a better chance for eulogizing your businesses with greater freedom, by freeing yourself from writing contents the way search engines want them.

A good ranking in Social Media is often helpful to getting a better ranking in the generic search engines as well and that they do by personalizing search results which they also call Social Search. Every little rule that apply to generic search engine optimization applies here too.

Here are some tips that are specific to Facebook, though it can be applied to any Social Media sites.

1. Keep your personal pages updated and don’t forget to include even those that you consider as irrelevant. Chances are, what you consider as irrelevant make sense to search engines when they rank your pages in their social search results. When you don’t fill in details, social media sites substitute information with their own. Why leave your fate in someone’s hands when you can take control over them?

2. When you post photos, videos or other media, think about placing them in the media itself rather than keeping them elsewhere and providing links. Understand that most social media show direct content only and links often get ignored, though sometimes you may have to. The simple rule is, do it only if it’s inevitable, not otherwise.

3. A big community around you is a must to give you outstanding reach, and you will have to reconcile to the fact that they cannot be bought; you need to build them meticulously over a period of time, and they will come only when you have built enough trust within your community of followers. So, give building the community the attention it deserves.

4. Be willing to share content with others. When you share your content, it gets listed in many other pages, which ultimately results in greater weight for your pages. A greater weight means greater exposure on social search results, never forget that.

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