Four Apps To Maximize Apartment Space

One of the biggest socio-economic trends in the 21st century is the continued movement of individuals from rural areas to urban ones. In the quest for more career opportunities, entertainment and social life, millions upon millions of humans have created situations in which space becomes a primary concern. While this may have not been such a worry in the past, those who live in apartments will tell you that maximizing space in an apartment is key to a happy home life. In the following article, we will discuss four design and efficiency-based mobile applications that can give you inspiration and help you make the most of your apartment.

Floor Plans Pro

The Floor Plans Pro is a free application for Android devices that allows it users to browse dozens of different floor plans and see how each can be utilized to save the most space. While this application does not allow for custom creation of floor plans, it does include so many different styles that users are sure to find one that resembles their apartment’s layout. Sometimes, we have difficulty visualizing the overall layout of our living spaces – the Floor Plans Pro app can help users overcome this hurdle and ensure that their minds are optimized for space saving layouts.


If you need help with space optimization, home design or dimension assessments, then the FloorPlanner app is a great tool to have at your disposal. Users can quickly create a customized floor plan, choose from hundreds of available items such as furniture and appliances, rotate items to achieve the best layout possible and share these designs with friends and family via email and social media. Through the use of any Android device’s built-in camera, users can quickly measure an existing room to create a blueprint of the area in question. Currently available for free, FloorPlanner can be downloaded via the iTunes App Store.

Interior Design

Loaded with thousands of different design ideas and floor-saving solutions, the Interior Design application is a free solution for those who need to space save or shake up a room of the apartment. Users will be able to browse a variety of different home design ideas for each room – bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and studio apartments are all covered in this excellent app. Once you have found select designs that you wish to emulate, you can then save any and all designs to your Android device’s SD card so that you will always have them available. You can download the Interior Design application for free via the Android Marketplace.

Mark on Call

Last but definitely not least, the Mark on Call application is a godsend for anyone who needs to squeeze some extra space and efficiency out of their apartment. Not only can you create custom home designs via the application, but users will also be able to use their cameras to re-create the exact specifications of any room so that they may accurately see how anything and everything will fit together. You can quickly add furniture and accessories to any floor plan, and dozens of options within the app allow these items to be customized in whatever way necessary. You can download the Mark on Call app via the iTunes App Store for $2.99.