Apple’s All-Time Apps List: Games Dominate

If you look at the recently released list of the top Apple apps across all Apple devices, it is the gaming apps that lead the pack. Whether on the iPhone or the iPad and whether they are free or paid, the game apps dominate all lists indicating that mobile gaming is here to stay, at least for now and quite some time in the future.

With the increase in the usage of tablets and smartphones, there has also been an increase in the number of users downloading game apps. The gaming apps have become popular as a whole, irrespective of whether they are offered by Apple, on Android devices, Windows or Blackberry.

The Apple app store gets thousands of game-app download requests each day. This is because not only are the kids hooked to gaming but even the adults that play various games, irrespective of age or profession. The growing popularity of mobile gaming is attributed to the benefits that it entails. While the games are no doubt a source of entertainment, they also break the monotony of working. A person becomes more alert and more energetic if he plays games while working. Here are some reasons that point out why games dominate on the all-time apps list:

Game Selection: the iTunes, the official App store of Apple has a very large collection of games. The games range across various genres and can be chosen from free or paid categories. The games can be simply downloaded and played for a while. However, if you do not like the game, you may simply delete it. in addition, iTunes also offers reviews about the game, which help you know, what other people think of the game.

Convenience: convenience is one factor that has fuelled the growth of mobile gaming. While earlier games were available only on consoles and computers, they are readily available on mobiles, enabling people to play games while on the move. You can play any game from anywhere by simply downloading it on your smartphone. You can conveniently play a round of your favorite game while in transit or while waiting in queue.

Cost: as compared to console and computer games, the gaming apps are much cheaper. Moreover, players have the choice to download free-to-play games. Therefore, gaming apps are a cost effective way to have fun and entertainment even while on the move.

Apple TV:

Another reason why Apple gaming apps are more popular as compared to other apps is that you can take your gaming experience to a new level with the Apple TV. The Apple TV enables you to play the games on your iPhone on the big screen, using the iPhone as the remote. The larger screen not only optimizes the graphics but also optimizes the entertainment quotient.

Better revenue generation: as compared to other apps, gaming apps are more popular and therefore they are better revenue generators. More users are going for the paid Apple gaming apps, thereby increasing the revenues manifold. With the trend of mobile gaming on the rise, there seem to be no boundaries as to how much revenues Apple gaming apps might be generating.

The Fun Quotient: in the earlier days, computers and mobiles were purchased for the convenience they gave while working. While computers eased the work burden, the mobiles helped in staying connected. However, the ongoing trend is that of having fun. more users are buying smartphones and tablets for playing games than using them for work. This has pushed the app developers to develop gaming apps. In addition, the gaming apps are easier to market as they are already popular and the company simply needs to apply simple marketing strategies rather than complex ones.