Can Android Apps Help You To Enter The Tour De France?

Cycling is a great sport and many of us dream about becoming good enough to compete on a professional level. That may be nothing more than a pipe dream for most cyclists out there, but even the likes of Lance Armstrong must have started somewhere, right? Well, the only way to really get anywhere near that kind of plateau is by training on a regular basis and having some pretty accurate tools to assess your personal development. Although cycling is a fine sport, it can be difficult to gauge your own fitness on a progressive stage. This article looks at a few Android Apps that have been developed to do exactly that. If you have any designs on improving your own level of cycling prowess, please take a few minutes to check them out.

Endomondo Sports Tracker by Endomondo – Free

Our first app is already the highest rated sports tracking application out there and it really is a winner in all aspects. As well as cycling, you have the opportunity to track any type of outdoor sports with this fabulous piece of kit. The cycling is catered for in a very cool way and you’ll soon have a handle on your current cycling fitness level. Over 15 million users have downloaded this app and they can’t all be wrong! You can simply enter your favourite route and set a benchmark time for your future training rides. The audio coach will soon let you know if you are on target or not. Your heart rate is monitored, but you’ll need an extra device for an accurate reading. The history feature allows you to compare all of your previous times and routes, and you can upload your favourite results onto any social media platform. If your buddies have this app you can send out challenges to them when you feel confident enough! There are too many extra features to mention here but we recommend that you download Endomondo Sports Tracker and discover the rest of them for yourself!

Cadence Calculator for Cycling by Mishchenko Igor – Free

Our second Android cycling app sounds very technical indeed, but it is actually a very simple and useful tool for all competitive cyclists out there. If you enjoy cycling longer than average distances you are best advised to ensure that your cadence is at an efficient level in order to maximise your results. The cadence is basically the amount of times you complete a revolution of the cycle pedals. If you stick to a range within 80-120 you are probably doing okay. Any higher or lower and you could risk straining your poor old legs! This application requires you to dial in your front gear size, rear gear size and the travelling speed. It can take a little while to get the correct measurements but once you have them, you can soon calculate your cadence in an accurate manner. This method is used by the professional cyclists and has proven to reap some valuable benefits. Just ensure that your make of cycle is catered for and you should soon be onto a winner!