6 Ways Technology Has Made Our Day Just Like Heaven

Technology has changed the way people live. Advances in technology improved medicine and science. In some instances, six technological innovations make people feel that they are in heaven.

Robot Vacuum

Within the last fifteen years, companies have developed battery-operated vacuums commonly known as robot vacuums. Due to its circular design, the robot vacuum cannot clean corners. However, busy people will appreciate that the robot vacuum can clean most of the floor with the touch of a button.


TV on Demand

Television is not limited to a station’s schedule. Many cable and satellite television providers offer on demand services including exclusive sports events, such as boxing and pro wrestling, and recently released movies on DVD and Blu-Ray. Additionally, people can watch television when they want by recording through a digital video recorder or DVR. Additionally, people can watch live television programs through apps on their mobile phones and tablets.


Mobile Internet

Internet is not limited to the interior of a building via ethernet cable or wireless networks. Recently, manufacturers developed mobile internet devices in partnership with service providers to provide a solution for consumers desiring internet access wherever they are. However, mobile internet works best in areas with cellphone towers. Thus, mobile internet is not for nature-loving jungle trekkers, but more for city-loving business or frequent international travelers.



For many centuries, people had to read maps to go from point A to point B. Because of unfamiliarity with terrain, maps often lead to confusion for travelers and newcomers. Once the global positing system or GPS came into existence, delivery services improved, mariners overcame vast oceans, pilots headed to the next destination without too many issues, newcomers adjusted to their new home and travelers reduced stress during road trips or vacations.



Various products were large and suited for indoor use. Mobility improved over time resulting in mobile phones, laptops, netbooks and tablets. The mobile phone is very important because it is a portable communicator. Computers are integrated in people’s lives today, so a lighter, portable version means an increased adoption of technology on the go. Rather than a computer with keyboards, manufacturers developed tablets as an alternative for on-the-go business meetings and homework.


Intertwining Technology

The best form of intertwining technology is a smart phone, which is a type of a mobile phone. Additionally, a smart phone is capable of connecting to the Internet, taking photos, recording video and providing navigation guidance. Therefore, a smart phone combines Internet connectivity, GPS and imaging into one device.