6 Benefits Of Installing A Home Surveillance System

In the old days, most people were quite happy to go out leaving the door unlocked and with nobody at home. The chances of anything happening were low because crime rates were generally a lot lower. But, times have changed and leaving your home open to anyone these days is not sensible, particularly if you have anything worth stealing. So what are the benefits of installing a surveillance system and are there any disadvantages to be considered?

Intruder Deterrent

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Home surveillance systems are normally pretty visible—unless you have opted for a covert surveillance system. Once you have a system in place, there will be cameras positioned at main entrances and exits, plus at various other points around the property. Since most intruders prefer an easy life, the sight of surveillance cameras everywhere is hardly going to fill them with joy, which means they are unlikely to take the risk of breaking and entering.

Cheaper Insurance

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Most insurance companies offer significant discounts to homeowners with high tech home surveillance systems installed, so although the initial cost of installation may be high, in the long run you could save a lot of money. There is a good reason for this. Insurance companies know that properties with sophisticated intruder prevention systems in place are far less likely to be burgled. And if a property isn’t burgled, the insurance company doesn’t have to pay out on a claim, which is exactly how they like it.

Catch a Thief

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In the unlikely event someone does decide to try to break into your property, thanks to camera surveillance you stand an excellent chance of capturing the intruder’s face on film. If the image is clear enough, it should be enough for the police to identify and apprehend them sooner rather than later. It should also increase the possibility that you will be able to recover any stolen property if the intruder was able to make their escape before the police arrived.

Monitored Alarm

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Many sophisticated home surveillance systems are hooked up to a remote monitoring service. In the event of a break in, the homeowner can activate a “panic button” and call for help. This type of system can also be used to monitor the property if it is left empty for any length of time, which is useful if you regularly go on holiday or take long business trips abroad.

Spy on Your Spouse

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In theory, a home surveillance system is normally installed to protect against unwanted intruders. However, if you are keen to find out what your spouse is up to when you are not there, try installing some covert cameras and hook them up to a monitoring system so you can log in remotely and spy on your spouse. Hopefully they are not up to anything dubious, but if you do find out they are doing the dirty on you, at least you will now have lots of irrefutable evidence for the divorce.

Disadvantages of Home Surveillance Systems

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The only real disadvantage is the cost. However, there are plenty of reasonably priced systems on the market if you don’t have a Picasso or two hanging on your bedroom wall, so shop around and find a system that matches your budget.

There are pros and cons to a home surveillance system, so before you invest, consider your budget and take advice from a number of qualified installers to ensure you buy the most appropriate system for your needs.