5 Must have Android Applications for Students

Android has created several apps for students, which will help them excel in studies and employ their time in a much better way. Here is a list of 5 android applications that every student must have.


This application needs no introduction. Wikipedia is among the most popular reference sites across the globe. If you are looking for a quick description about something, then you can look into this app. This app has over 20 million articles in 280 different languages. It is the most widely used and comprehendible reference work that human being has ever compiled. You can read articles, save them to read when you are offline, share them using ‘share’ function or even read articles in different languages.

Formulas Lite

This is one of the best educational Android apps available in Android Market. The different section of this app includes Subjects, Translator, Calculator, Web Reference, Math Invasion and Facts. The Subject section covers Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. There is a dictionary section, which is soon to be added to this app. For now, that section is present but inactive. Each subject is further divided into subsections from where you can select the topics that you are interested to learn.


This app turns your device into an expansion of your brain. With the help of this app, you can create notes containing pictures, text, voice, videos or a mix of all. These notes are automatically saved in cloud so there is no chance of losing them and you can access them anytime from anywhere using internet. This application can be used by students to take note in class and study later. If somehow you lose your phone, you can access your Evernote app on PC or tablet.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

It is among the most popular dictionary. In addition to the definitions that Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary offers, this application also offers voice search. With this voice search you can look up for a word without even spelling it. This is a great application to build vocabulary. You can create a list of words that you find interesting. This app is absolutely free, without any add-on and does not need any internet connection.


This app is used to scan documents and convert them into pdf files. So, if you come across an article in your book, which you find useful, then you can scan them and save for later use. This will save lot of your time that you would waste in making a note of it. You can auto-crop images, enhance picture quality and create industry-standard pdf files. You can also upload these documents to cloud storage like Google Docs, Dropbox, and Boxnet etc.