5 Apps Every Business Owner Should Have

By | Mar 23, 2013

apps 5 Apps Every Business Owner Should HaveRunning a business requires more than the knowledge of the products or services you have to offer to clients and customers. When you are a business owner, utilizing applications can help with organizing sales and employees as well as ensuring you are always aware of your current finances and generated revenue. Managing your own business with the use of some of the best apps today will help you to stay up to date and informed with any new changes necessary and monitor the overall growth or decline of your company at all times.


TimeTimer is an ideal app if you are looking for a way to keep track of the time you have throughout your day to complete tasks and to ensure all of your work is completed each day. TimeTimer creates a virtual “pie of time” that allows you to see how much time you have in real-time, whether you are planning to host a conference, meeting with a client or even have a coffee date scheduled. Use TimeTimer if you find yourself busy each day and need a better way to organize the time you do have available for friends, family and work.


Using the free PayPal application is highly recommended for any business owner or manager who generates sales and also works to accept payments online. The PayPal app allows you to check account information, withdraw funds from your PayPal account into your bank account and even allows you to make purchases and send funds to potential business associates or partners. Keeping track of finances is possible with PayPal by exporting data and saving your statements each month. PayPal also provides gateways for selling products and services on your own website in addition to offering credit and debit cards for both individuals and business owners alike.


DropBox is a useful application if you plan to work with other employees or business associates on any type of project. DropBox allows you to instantly drop photos, documents and other media files into a virtual “box”, giving you the ability to access the content from anywhere including mobile applications and other computers that also have the application available. DropBox is free but also provides users with the option to upgrade for more space if you have a large amount of data you want to keep shared with a specific group of individuals, giving them access to it any time.



Mint is an app that helps you to stay on top of your business and personal finances. Using Mint is ideal if you want to track the type of spending you are conducting versus the income you are generating. Mint is a free application that links up with many online banking services to instantly begin working more in-depth with your own finances.

Google Drive

Google Drive is another ideal application to use whether you want to save files individually or if you are looking for a way to quickly share information with business colleagues and partners in an instant. Google Drive is an app that allows you to upload and create new documents to store and save on the virtual cloud. You can also share a variety of file types with specific users and individuals based on their name and any permissions you set. Using Google Drive is ideal for businesses that collaborate and communicate with employees and clients from around the world, saving time and ultimately, money.

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