5 Advantages VoIP Telephone Systems can Provide Small Businesses

By | Feb 6, 2013

When you own a small business you are constantly looking for ways to increase productivity and save money. One way to do both is with VOIP telephone systems. The new technologies have made it possible to get rid of your old phone service that charges an arm and a leg any time you call outside your local calling area and given you a way to call anywhere in the world at a much lower rate. You will find there are many advantages besides just a lower phone bill when you use VOIP for your communication needs.


  1. An IP telephone solution is not just for single-line home phones any more. You can have the whole system set up in your office and have a switchboard at the reception desk to transfer calls where they need to be. Routing calls will not change at all with the new system.
  2. Use Wi-Fi enabled phones so your workers can be anywhere in the building and still receive their calls as if they were at their desks. If you have a couple of buildings, they can even be in a different one than normal and still get the call. Even the receptionist can answer and transfer calls while not at the desk.
  3. You can create conference calls easily. No need for project members to have to make a bunch of calls to keep everyone up to date when they can all talk on one call and make sure everyone understands the same things and what is going to happen next. The conference calls can be done even with people who are not in the office.
  4. With Wi-Fi and Internet protocols, having a video conference is easy. Now you can meet with other employees and show important documents all from the comfort of your own office. No need to have a big conference room any more. You can even include your clients in on the call by having them log in with their computer. If you have business with clients overseas, having a video conference allows you to have a better understanding of each other and get more accomplished than just having a voice phone call; you will feel as if you have actually met.
  5. The ability to log into the phone system over the Internet wherever you are is something that cannot be done without VOIP telephone systems. Now your employees can log in at home and take calls. This will increase productivity and save on having to use cellular phones all the time if someone is not in the office.


Now is the time to step into the 21st century with your business communication device. Keep your bills lower, increase the amount of work being done and make sure that no one misses a call during business hours. Land line phones cannot compete with all the different services available with IP telephone solutions. All the different options and features should be reason enough to change to VOIP. When you add in the lower bills it should be a done deal.

The author writes more often about the use of technology in VoIP telephone systems and also suggests businesses about the best and effective IP telephone solution for their enterprise communication needs.

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