4 Reasons Why An Ergonomic Workstation Is Important Today

Due to a lot of hours being spent in front of the computer, many employees risk their health on a daily basis. Be it the posture, the strain on the fingers, arms and wrists or the eyesight, deterioration of these body parts is a gradual process. To avoid such mental and physical stress, it’s about time you install an ergonomic workstation in your office for you and your staff’s benefit.  The crucial elements to look after while designing an ergonomic workstation are the seating position, the keyboard and the mouse position and the monitor position as these three are the main objects office workers use. Here are some of the tips you can use:

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Anti-glare filters: Such filters for the computer screen help in reducing the damage to the eyes caused due to the glare or radiation which comes from the computer screen. The modified computer screens also guard confidential matter on the computer screen from the covert glances of onlookers. This is very helpful as the data you don’t want to share with co-workers remains protected and you can also sit on Pinterest all day without your tattletale colleagues finding out.

Customized chairs: Adjustable chairs are a must; they are like the main protagonists in the world of ergonomic furniture. It will help you support and maintain good posture and the seating is so comfortable, your employees may even take a nap (nudge them a little when you catch them asleep and see their horrified faces). If the chair doesn’t support the spine sufficiently, you can add lumber support and also be certain that the arm rest is not very high as it may be a hindrance for the person to move his arms freely as they use the mouse or type on their keyboards.

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Repositioning: If you don’t have the budget or don’t wish to spend a lot on ergonomic furniture or electronics, you can just reposition the chair and the keyboard you are currently using and add a few modifications. This will greatly reduce the pull on the shoulders and arms which office going people frequently complain of. If the keyboard and mouse are at incorrect angles then your wrists can be in uncomfortable position while typing or using the mouse. Correct angle and height of these electronics can remove most of the problems of an uncomfortable office. It is very important for a person to be relaxed and comfortable in front of a computer because if the body is fixed in any unnatural or uncomfortable position for long periods of time, it will cause grave bodily injury.

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Wear phone headsets or headphones: By doing this simple thing you will keep your hands free to do productive work while discussing important things regarding your office over the phone (or even daily mindless gossip, at least hands will be free!). Many times people puttheir phone on their shoulder and talk with their necks craned towards the said shoulder in order to keep their hands free or write something. This causes great discomfort to the shoulders and neck and you also risk damaging the sensitive nerves there. Hence, headphones, they are comfortable and hassle free.

Keep in mind that the workspace should be comfortable and going to office should not be compared to going to jail (as it is often said), for that purpose, create an ergonomic workstation and bask in the love of your employees.