My Top Customer Service Strategies

Every business needs to focus on customer service, after all, without customers you would have no sales, profit or business! I have spent most of my life in human resources and workforce management, so I have a great understanding of service, relations and consumers. I am going to give you my top tips, do you […]


DealGuru: Bapp of all Deals is here

In this world of e commerce there is yet another thing that makes the use of ecommerce much more interesting and entices you to shop online. And that matter is ‘discount’. Exclusive reductions can be found by us on ecommerce sites which are not available on the same product in offline stores. So finally for […]


Be Social. It Matters!

Social Platforms are Search Engines Too Although social platforms are more commonly seen as a networking site for individuals there are many who use social media as a search engine. Evident as Youtube is now the second largest search engine even though it started as a video sharing community. As the younger generation is being […]

Search Engine Optimization - Magnifying Glass

5 game changing strategies for SEO

SEO is the most important factor of your website’s marketing and if you do not know the latest trends of search engine optimization then you are going to give up in the competition game very soon. Today we have listed out some amazing game changing search engine optimization strategies for your upcoming SEO campaign. Careful […]

ask me

Most Popular Indian Android app: Askme

Are you still someone who read newspapers to grab the chances or are you the one who has multiple apps for multiple endeavors. The world has moved to the smartphone world from the desktop age. But the new problem with smart phones is there are n number of applications that are useless and they have […]

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