WordPress:The Theme Anatomy

WordPress – Platforms for crazy bloggers like us who strive to not just create content that is unique, but also showcase it in the best way possible. We’re all well-versed with WordPress themes and how to customize it. But let’s be honest here. No matter how much pride we take in the way our site […]


How does Online Backup Work?

Whether you are a small business owner or just a die hard movie fan, you’d want to backup your files and data, to ensure their safety from any untoward occurrences. These could range from crimes involving theft or vandalism to natural disasters like fires or floods, or even a complete computer crash, which unfortunately isn’t […]


Why These Apps Are the Best iPhone VPN Apps?

Cisco AnyConnect Cisco AnyConnect gives you a flexible and at the same time a secure browsing experience. It is best suited to corporate people who want to access remote desktops, files and their e-mails. This access is allowed through a secure tunnel. Cisco AnyConnect VPN app is free and it can function with any VPN […]


Overview Of The Myriad Features Of HTML5 And Its Advantages

HTML5 is the new language in the block by the W3C and specifies the ways through which Hyper Text Markup Language, the standard language to create websites and web pages, needs to be formatted and used to deliver images, texts, web apps, search forms, multimedia and other elements that you can spot in any web […]

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