samsung note 4

Samsung galaxy Note 4 specs and features

Samsung galaxy Note 4 specs and features There are lots of rumours in the mobile market about its launch, and if rumours are to be believed it is expected to be launched within 2-3 months. So here in this article we have brought a detailed specification and features about the upcoming Galaxy note 4. Samsung […]

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Take the Adobe Illustrator CS4 ACE Exam to be the Best at Creating and Editing Vector Graphics

The Adobe Certified ExpertACE Certification program The web and the graphic designing field have become very much advanced due to the introduction of many advanced technologies and software. The Adobe Illustrator is one of the advanced level technological software introduced by Adobe. The employers are now interested to hire the professionals who have certified their […]


Tips To Solve Mobile Phone Battery Charging Issues

Mobile users experience charging problems several times.  Many of them have rushed out and bought new chargers for issues that could have been solved with a little knowledge and effort. Cell phone charging issues can be easily detected. The rapid way is to see your phone go in charging mode. Some phones display ‘Battery Charging’ […]

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