Overview Of The Myriad Features Of HTML5 And Its Advantages

HTML5 is the new language in the block by the W3C and specifies the ways through which Hyper Text Markup Language, the standard language to create websites and web pages, needs to be formatted and used to deliver images, texts, web apps, search forms, multimedia and other elements that you can spot in any web […]

Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4 | Detailed Features

Galaxy Note 4 is currently the hottest topic of discussion in smartphone arena and with the likes of HTC M8, Sony Xperia Z2 and Galaxy S5 announced earlier this year, it could be under-going a lot of expectations. Meanwhile, its predecessor Galaxy Note 3 was successful in leaving a mark in the gadget world and […]

Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror

Traditional Toys Linked To The Virtual World

Technology is paving way for a new type of play.  Today, the younger generation is growing up in the technological world. Devices like smart phones and PCs have dominated our lives. Technology is so well integrated in our lives that we can hardly imagine a life without it. Long before Apple launched iPad and iPhone […]


A Game Console that Google is taking seriously now days

Is Google the Next Big Name In Gaming Consoles? There were some rumors that Google, the parent of the most popular search engines, is looking to step into the field of gaming consoles, and some recent purchases made by the Mountain View giant serve as confirmation in this matter. If you are a bit skeptical […]

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